Outdoor Kitchens

Why install an outdoor kitchen?

Whether you love to grill, entertain, or just spend quality time outside, an outdoor kitchen is definitely the way to go.  Adding an outdoor kitchen extends your living space outdoors while increasing the value of your home.

If you are still not convinced and need more reasons, keep reading….

  1. Conveniences
    1. Let’s face it; most of the things surrounding us are for our convenience, mugs that extend how long our drinks stay warm or cold and phone cases that also serve as our wallets. Society today is all about making our lives more convenient so why not extend that to your grilling.  Installing an outdoor kitchen and not just having a grill allows you to have prep space.  We will install granite or finished concrete counters so that you have room to prepare all your food for cooking. Under the counters, there are so many options to complete your kitchen.  Add a miniature refrigerator to keep your food temperature regulated until it is time to cook or eat it. This minimizes your trips in and out of the house and allows you to still maintain that proper food safety for your family and guests.  Having outdoor cabinets in your kitchen is great for storing all the over-sized grilling utensils that you are never too sure where to store anyway. You might get thirsty while you’re doing all that cooking; why run back and forth indoors to get cold drinks?  We can install a tap right into the counter-top so you will have a cold beverage right at the tip of your fingers.2.15.08 053
  2. Sociability
    1. Being the cook while entertaining friends can be the least fun job. The cook is stuck inside hovering over the stove while all the guests are outside spending time with your spouse without you. Install an outdoor kitchen and place some outdoor furniture around the patio for instant cooking and entertaining abilities!2014-05-13 09.44.50 - Copy
  3. Keep the smell outside
    1. It does not matter the style of cooking you and your family enjoy there is always those meals that cause lingering smells. For my family its hibachi, we eat it all the time, the only drawback is the smell of garlic, soy sauce, and onions stick around well after the food is gone.  Our fix was easy we bought a flat top insert and a wok insert for our outdoor kitchen so that we could move the smell outside.  We can make that a reality for you too!river rock grill
  4. Encourages Healthier Eating
    1. I think if healthier foods tasted better we would all be more willing to eat them. Grilling your food helps to develop a different taste.  I have never been much for certain vegetables but since throwing them on the grill we eat vegetables at every meal.1 BACK YARD Kitchen - Andrew
  5. Less eating out and fewer dishes
    1. These two I feel go hand in hand in my opinion. Grilling is less messy and requires less clean up than cooking inside. Save yourself the hassle of washing all those pots and pans and just cook outside. This goes back to convenience; we are more likely to eat out to save ourselves the work of preparing and cleaning up food and dishes.  At least grilling allows us to save ourselves from doing one of those tasks. This saves us time and money!DSC_0012.JPG
  6. Utilities
    1. In the hot Texas heat, we will do anything to no increase the temperature of our homes. Using the outdoor kitchen keeps your stove from raising them temperature inside while allowing you to watch your kids play in the pool. Having your prep space and mini-fridge keeps you from going in and out of your house allowing the cold AC to stay in and the hot air to stay out. To keep yourself cool while grilling, install a pergola or pavilion overhead to provide shade for yourself and your guests.10.11.07 043
  7. Luxury
    1. Last but not least luxury. We all take pride in our homes and what we have worked hard for.  Enjoy showing off your extended living space to all your family, friends, and neighbors! Outdoor kitchens are a staple in home luxury.

2013-04-22 14.44.34 - Copy


Let our team help you design and install your kitchen in plenty of time for football season. If you want more photos of our work check out our kitchen portfolio here. Make sure to like and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages too!

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