Texas Plant Disease – Rose Rosette

Plants infected with rose rosette disease rose rosette disease pictures
Picture from eMedicalpictures click the picture for link.

This is the start of our plant disease series. We want to help educate our customers and followers on plant disease signs, causes, and cures. As humans, we have learned tricks to help us to remain healthy. We have also learned the symptoms and how to treat the sicknesses that we get. Let us help you diagnose potential plant disease.  Better yet let us help you prevent plant disease.

Each region across the world encounters specific disease that affects their plants.  If you have been in the DFW area for very long you might remember the epidemic known as Rose Rosette Disease or RRD that struck our area not that long ago. (2015) This plant disease can affect all roses but in the DFW it is known for wiping out Knock-out Roses.

Picture Courtesy of Missouri Botanical Gardens Click Picture for Link

Rose Rosette Disease

How does it spread?

Unfortunately, it spreads on little minuscule mites that travel from yard to yard and plant to plant by means of the wind blowing.

How do I know if my plants are affected?

If your roses have been affected the canes (stems) of the plant will grow with extensive amounts of thorns on them. They will have blossoms that start to bloom but never really to their full potential.  The disease may not affect your whole plant but please understand your whole plant is infected.

How do I get rid of it?

At this time, unfortunately, there is no cure. The only solution is to uproot your entire plant.  Make sure you get the entire root system as well. It’s imperative to remove the plant as soon as you identify that it has been affected to reduce spreading it to other plants.  Breeders are currently working to come up with a species that is resistant to RRD but have not released any as of yet.

When can I plant more?

It is unknown the precise amount of time you have to wait before planting new roses. I will tell you that Fort Worth Botanical Gardens uprooted all of theirs in 2015 and had new roses planted in 2017. It seems as though two years is a safe bet on replanting.

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