Kick Off To Fall

Fall is marked in many ways.  What makes it feel like fall for you? The first pumpkin spice drink of the year, leaves changing, sweatshirts, fires in the backyard, school being back in session and Halloween are all things we associate with fall. In my house, the signal that fall is fast approaching is the return of football, college football to be exact. Who is your favorite football team?

Fall weather in Texas is great for getting the outside of your house taken care of, but what should you do in the fall? Here is a list of things to do around your home this time of year.


Continue To Mow

Continue to mow your lawn until it stops growing.  The goal is to keep your lawn at roughly 3 inches tall all year-round.  This allows the sun to penetrate the soil to the roots and keeps the grass from getting packed down in the winter time.

Reseed Your Lawn

Prior to reseeding be sure to have your soil tested at your local extension office. Once your test results and corrections are made to your soil aerate and seed the heavily trafficked areas of your lawn. Pay extra attention to the part of your lawn that is stressed from the sun too.

Re-mulch & Fertilize

It may sound strange but add fertilizer and fresh mulch to your landscape beds.  Keep your mulch between 2″-3″ thick to help retain the plants’ moisture levels and temperature. Adding fertilizer helps plants store energy over the winter and grow a healthy root system.

Divide & Conquer

Fall is the perfect time to identify areas of your landscaping that need to be filled in.  Divide summer flowering perennials between September and November and sure them to fill gaps in your landscaping.  This keeps your perennials healthy and your landscape looking lush and full. Once your perennials are divided go ahead and trim them back close to the ground. This allows energy to remain stored in their roots over the winter.




Rake Your Lawn

As the leaves begin to fall from your huge shade trees keep the leaves cleaned up.  Allowing them to clump and stay on the ground festers the perfect breeding ground for plant disease and mold for your grass and other landscaping.  Instead, clean them up regularly using your mower.  Once they are finely chopped they make a great natural compost for in your flower beds.

Drain Your Irrigation

Before any freezing weather moves in, be sure to drain your outdoor water lines. This can save you money in the spring! It helps to keep your irrigation lines from cracking and having to be replaced the following season.

Check these items off your list and kick back and enjoy football season with your family in friends! Let us know in the comments who you are rooting for.  Be on the lookout for photos from our office team jersey day!

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