Fall Flowers for North Texas

It may not feel like fall outside with temperatures in the 90s, but it’s officially fall. Hopefully, in the coming weeks, the temperatures start to wane and we can enjoy fall in its entirety. Dallas falls into hardiness zone 8a, the hardiness zone helps identify what plants will survive in our area.  Winter may not last long here in North Texas but the cold snaps can be harsh.  It’s important to pick plants that can withstand cold temperatures while bringing color to your landscaping.




  • Hardiness Zone 4-9
  • Partial to Full Sun
  • Does Require Water Weekly
  • Perfect for planters, cutting gardens, border flowers, or mass planting





  • Hardiness Zone 4-9
  • Partial Sun
  • Bloom Time – Spring to Fall
  • Great for planters or in groupings







  • Full Sun
  • Occasional Watering
  • Bloom Time – Summer & Fall
  • Border, Mass Planting, Cutting Garden, & Planters




Abelia Kaleidoscope


  • Partial to Full Sun
  • Dramatic Foliage Colors
  • Bloom Time – Summer to Fall
  • Occasional Watering







  • Full Sun
  • Bloom Time – Summer to Fall
  • Aromatic Foliage
  • Planters or Mass Planting





Fan Flowers


  • Hardiness Zones 4-9
  • Partial Shade – Full Sun
  • Bloom Time – Summer to Fall
  • Border, Planters, Wildflower Garden, Cutting Garden







  • Hardiness Zone – 2 to 11
  • Full Sun
  • Cutting Garden, Planter, Wild Flower Garden
  • Bloom Time – Late Spring to Fall




Your landscaping should showcase year-round color and interest. The flowers above are eye-catching and come in a variety of colors, perfect for any home.  Contact us today for more information on creating show-stopping curb appeal.

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