Fall Clean Up

To keep your landscaping looking the best on the block you should have seasonal clean ups a couple times a year. When talking about fall clean up, it’s more than just raking leaves.  While it is important to keep your leaves picked up, there is more than to keep your landscaping healthy. We have put together a checklist for you below:


  • Mulch installation
    • Apply a fresh coat of mulch that is roughly 2″-3″ thick to help retain moisture and protect the roots of your plants from the cold temperatures.


  • Debris removal
    • Remove weeds, fallen leaves, sticks, or fallen fruit and vegetables from your landscape beds and gardens.  This helps reduce the pests and disease throughout the winter months.


  • Lawn Care
    • Treat your warm-season grasses with pre-emergent herbicides now since evening temperatures are reaching 65-70 degrees. Reduce the amount of water from your irrigation since fall typically brings more rain. Have your soil tested through the local extension office and make the recommended amendments before the first frost. Mow warm-season grasses (Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia) until they stop growing and make the last mow slightly shorter than normal.


  • Perennials
    • Divide and cut back perennials that took off this year. Add them to other landscaping bed where you have noticed bare spots or share them with friends. Don’t divide fall blooming perennials now (chrysanthemums) wait until spring for those.


  • Bulbs, Shrubs, Annuals
    • Plant spring-blooming bulbs and shrubs now, they will be able to establish roots without having to worry about growing flowers.  Take the time to plant some fall color around your landscaping as well.


  • Leaf Clean Up
    • Removing the leaves from your lawn not only improves the overall look of your landscaping but helps keep mold and disease from festering in your turf.  Leaves can smother and keep much-needed water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf if left on the ground.


  • Deck/Patio
    • If you have a paver patio use a broom to push any rocks and dust back into the grout lines and use your hose to spray off leftover dirt.  If you have a wood or Trex deck pull out the pressure washer and wash the deck off.  This will help rid your deck of potential mold or mildew.
  • Gutters
    • Clean leaves and other debris out of your gutters and downspouts.


  • Container Plants
    • Bring your nonhardy container plants indoors by the end of October. Gently spray and wipe the leaves off while inspecting the plants for outdoor pests.  Be sure to also clean off the outside of the container to minimize the mess inside.

pots-plants-cactus-succulent (1)



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