When you’re home in the evenings and on the weekend, you want to include your pets in your outdoor fun. Let us help to transform your Dallas backyard into a pet-friendly hangout.

4 Ideas Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Natural grass and artificial turf for playing, running and jumping: Whether you have a small backyard or a lot of acreage, you can dedicate a grassy space for your dog to play. Indeed items like ramps, long paths for running as well as an obstacle course to challenge your dog.

Consider artificial turf if you have a small yard or want a place for your dog to run that doesn’t need any maintenance to keep it green. Today’s synthetic turf is made to look like the real thing. Synthetic turf also makes it easy to clean messes from your animals.

One caution though: artificial turf tends to get very hot when it’s in full sun. Keep your dogs and cats’ paws safe from burning as well as provide a cool spot to lay down by adding a shady spot or two on the fake grass area.

Healthy boundaries to keep your pets in and your landscaped beds safe: While you may want to give your dog free reign over your entire lawn, you still will want your pets to stay out of certain landscape beds. First, make sure you’re building your dog run where there are no dangerous plants or objects that could hurt them.

Instead, use pet-friendly plants around play areas. Add edging materials, such as stones, rocks, and wood chips around those flower and vegetable beds where you don’t want your pet to roam.

Consider fencing—either underground or aboveground to keep your dog inside your property. If your dog is a jumper, consider getting an underground fence that uses electric impulses, a collar, and boundary training to keep Fido home.

While you don’t want your dog penned up outside by him- or herself, you still may want to include a doghouse with shelter and openings so he or she can go in and out at leisure while you’re puttering in the garden.

If you want to keep Spot from digging in your yard, consider adding a sandbox as a safe place to dig to his heart’s delight. You can bury his favorite bones and toys for him to dig up.

Remember safety: It’s important to keep your furry friends safe. For example, make sure that your pets aren’t left outside all alone while you’re at work. And provide plenty of places for shade as well as water for your pet.

If you have a pool, make sure your dogs have a way to climb out and keep an eye on them while they’re swimming.

And don’t use cocoa mulch or plant any poisonous plants that your pet might eat. Finally, keep the surfaces safe—use wood chips or certain mulches that won’t cling to long fur and are gentle on paws.

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