Why Hire a Professional Landscaper?

Are you looking to add instant value to your home? Adding landscaping to the exterior of your home not only adds curb appeal but instantly increases the value of your property. It used to be that landscaping was just to improve the look at your home. It has now been proven that landscaping provides a great return on your investment! Although you shouldn’t trust just anybody with your investment. Why hire a professional landscaper? Who is right for the job?


Hiring a professional landscaper creates endless possibilities for your homes exterior. To design a beautiful and functional landscape you need to be knowledgeable in many fields of study. This includes horticulture, soil biology, engineering, construction, and art.

Generating Ideas

Are you having trouble imagining that brown lawn as anything else? A professional landscaper looks at your lawn and sees an array of possibilities, a pond, a zen garden, or a lushes plant bed. Landscapers are here to help you re-envision your backyard.

Analyzing Your Site

Does the ground around your home slope toward your home or away from it? This is something that a landscaper will take into consideration and plan for. Where water flows and the shaded parts of your lawn will be noted so the plants can thrive once they are installed.

Designs & Drawings

Landscaping plans are more involved than just deciding what to plant where. Creating a landscape design brings all aspects of the job into focus. Landscape designs include hardscapes, decks, patios, walkways, swimming pools, and ponds, as well as plants and other gardening additions. If your dream is a beautiful outdoor living space, then solid landscape plans, and the services of a designer are definitely worth the investment and time they require. In some cases, they are required by local governments for permits or by HOAs for approval.

Creating a Budget

According to the Washington Post, it is suggested that the cost of your landscaping is 10% of the value of your home. Whether that is more or less than what you are looking to spend, creating and sticking to a budget is important for everyone involved. A landscape company helps to plan and install your landscaping efficiently and within your budget.

If you are looking to upgrade your landscaping give us a call to help design and facilitate your project. We service all of Dallas and the surrounding area. We are the premeir proffessional landscape company in the Metroplex!

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