Salt or Chlorine Pool

Are you looking for a cool way to relax on a 90-degree day? The heat of the day will be here before you know it and we will all be looking for a way to keep cool. Picking a pool to fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs is taxing. Choosing the size, material, water, and shape of a pool is all necessary before installation can start. Let’s breakdown the water aspect of the pool.

Saltwater pools are growing in popularity because they are less harsh on your skin and eyes. Salt water pools have a higher installation cost due to needing a salt water generator. Saltwater pools require less maintenance and fewer chemicals. They can go about two weeks without any type of human intervention. The cost of monthly maintenance for a saltwater pool is far less than a chlorine pool. A saltwater pool is more cost efficient if you are going to own the pool for a long time.

The chlorine pools require constant monitoring. Checking chemicals levels every day to make sure chemicals are balanced is mandatory. On top of checking chemicals daily, you need to shock the pool every 3 to 4 weeks. This is required to kill off any excess bacteria. Chlorine pools are cheaper to install initially but more costly to maintain monthly.

Saltwater Pools

Chemical Costs: $75 – $150 per year


  • Lower Concentration of Chemicals
  • Less Harsh on Skin and Eyes
  • Less Maintenance


  • More Expensive to Install
  • More Utility Costs
  • Repairs Require a Professional
  • Require Special Noncorrosive Accessories

Chlorine Pools

Chemical Costs: $300 – $800 per year


  • Less Initial Investment
  • Less Electricity
  • Repairs by Homeowners
  • Not Corrosive


  • Higher Concentration of Chlorine/Chemicals
  • Harsh to Skin and Eyes
  • Chemicals Require Special Storage
  • Requires More Frequent Shocking
  • More Expensive and Frequent Maintenance

If you are looking to install a pool this year let us help you make the necessary decisions to fit your budget and lifestyle. Come back to read more about the type and style of pool that fits your property!

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