Landscaping Around The Pool

We want to help make your pool area the oasis you have always wanted.  That means installing more than just a pool.  Complete the look by installing, pool decking, a patio, turf, a shade structure, and plants. What are the best options for around your pool?


First let’s talk about your grass.  We suggest planting synthetic turf around your pool.  It not only looks great year-round but it doesn’t require regular trimmings, chemicals, or maintenance that comes with regular grass. Plus, and there is no mud to keep out of the pool with synthetic turf!


When choosing the perfect plants for around your pool it is imperative to choose plants that provide privacy, interest, and most importantly do not constantly drop leaves and petals into your pool.  We typically use rock instead of mulch as ground covering around the pool, so the plants you choose need to grow well in rock.


We recommend using rock in your landscape beds instead of the typical mulch. Mulch is easily tracked into your pool either from feet or the wind. Just be aware that choosing rock as plant covering changes the plants that can be placed in your landscape beds.


Choose a material such as pavers or natural stone for your coping and pool deck. These materials do not become slippery when they get wet. They are also more easily replaced if they are damaged.

Shade Structure

You will get more use out of your pool if there is an area close by to get out of the sun. We often build gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, and arbors to provide you and your guests an escape from the sun.  If you choose to plant shade trees, please remember to choose a tree that will not shed leaves and seeds into your pool.

Do you already have a pool and need some new landscaping around it? Or you are starting from scratch? No matter what your situation is we would love to exceed all your landscaping dreams.

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