Yards With Steep Slopes

One of the most challenging areas for homeowners to landscape is a steep slope or hillside on their property. Steep slopes present many challenges, such as, maintenance, drainage, and erosion. These challenges have to be taken into consideration when designing your landscape plan. With input from our creative minded landscape designers we can take your unusable, unsightly, problem causing space and turn it into a usable space that you will love.

1. Accessibility

One thing to consider when planing to landscape your hillside is how you will access your plants for maintenance. Plan to add a pathway, steps, or other access point for yourself or landscape manager to access your plants. This will add value and ease to an otherwise inaccessible yard area.

2. Plants

Slopes can erode quickly with the intense rainfalls we receive in the Dallas Metroplex. It is best to choose plants that can help root the layers of soil and keep the hillside in place. Woody plants, ground covers, and those with sturdy root systems are usually the best for the job. Additionally, you will want to choose plants that are low maintenance and thrive in hardiness zone 8.

3. Irrigation and Watering

With the climate here in Fort Worth and Dallas it is vital to water your landscaping in the hot summer months. With sloping landscaping it is important to water from the top down. Your irrigation specialist can advise you more about the perfect placement for your hillside water source.

4. Protect from Erosion.

Slowing the speed of water runoff is vital to minimizing erosion. This is especially essential when the slope is newly planted. Varying the plant choices between shrubs and fast spreading ground covers is a great way to get the soil covered up. Use heavy mulch or rock to cover any bare areas on your slope.

5. Weeding

Hopefully weeding will not be necessary before your ground cover has taken over. If it is, weed gently as it disturbs the soil and should be avoided on your sloping yard. Your fast growing ground cover will smother any weeds once it has filled in.

6. Retaining Walls and Terraces

Terracing and retaining walls are our favorite way to handle sloping yards. Terraces and retaining walls can add functionality to an otherwise useless landscape. You will want to consult a landscape design professional because a badly planned terrace can lead to costly drainage issues down the road. Creating more outdoor usable space is also a great way to add extra property value to your home.

Don’t wait until your backyard becomes unsightly to seek out remedies. Contact a landscape design specialist to avoid further erosion and drainage problems.

Come back to check out our list of recommended plants for sloping yards!

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