Benefits of Outdoor Structures

With summer officially over and the heat finally dissipating, it is time to get back outside and enjoy your backyard. Be ready for next summer, and enjoy your outdoor living space more by adding an outdoor structure to your property. Are you looking for a way to enhance your property? Are you looking for a way to spend more time at home outside? Do you want to add aesthetic appeal to your deck, patio, or outdoor living space? Adding an outdoor structure can do all that plus more!

Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to your property, but they also offer many benefits for both commercial and residential properties. Adding a shade structure of any outdoor structure to your property outweighs any associated costs.

Benefits of Outdoor Structures

Privacy – Your backyard is your safe place, your harbor to unwind and relax as you see fit. The last thing you want is your pesky neighbor spying on you. Add privacy to your outdoor living space with a pergola and canopy.

UV Protection – Long periods of exposure to the sun’s rays drastically increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Adding an outdoor structure like a sun sail can decrease your exposure and allow you to spend more time outside. Even during cooler and cloudy weather, the sun’s harmful rays can still reach you without protection. We have the perfect solution for you!

Weather Protection – A structure, whether it is a pergola with a canopy, a pavilion, or a gazebo, they don’t just protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. They also act as a barrier from the wind, rain, and other elements.

Protection for Furniture and Equipment – Exterior structures don’t just protect you and your guests from the elements. Still, they also protect your outdoor furniture and equipment. After installing an outdoor kitchen and patio set, the last thing you want is it getting beat up in a hail storm. This is why you see car dealerships throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth areas with sun sails. The outdoor structure will also protect your furniture from fading beneath the hot Texas sun.

Keeps Area Cool – Many outdoor shade structures allow the wind and breeze to pass through but block the direct beam of the sun. Shade structures create a place to get out of the sun but enjoy all the benefits of being outside. Have you ever tried to sit on a metal bench that’s been heating up under the sun all day? You will no longer have to worry about you or your guests getting burnt from hot metal surfaces.

Enhances Property Value – Outdoor structures don’t count toward the total square footage of your home. Still, they do provide much of the privacy and functionality of an indoor room. They also increase your home’s value and add marketability over other homes in your area. 

Defines Space – Adding a pergola, pavilion, or awning creates designated spaces for you and your guests to relax. It helps create an atmosphere and incorporate that outdoor living feel of extending the interior of your home outside.

If you have an outdoor area that could benefit from a shade structure, Garden Design inc. is happy to provide information or discuss the available options. We not only work with patios and deck; we also offer shade structures for playgrounds, pools, parking lots, common outdoor areas, and more. Contact us at 215-350-2525 or via our website to discuss all your shade needs.

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  1. Meals and Mile Markers October 16, 2019 — 11:57 am

    These are very good reasons to consider building a structure outdoors on the property! Some of these structural ideas were beautiful inspiration for a fun atmosphere outside

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