5 Types of Outdoor Structures

In our last blog, we covered why outdoor structures were so beneficial to all homeowners. Let’s talk about the types of structures that are available for your home. There is often confusion among structure terms, and we always want to present you with clear, concise information to help you the best way we can. Is it a pergola, patio cover, trellis, or arbor? Let’s dive in and learn more about the outdoor structures we offer!


A pergola is defined as a free-standing columned structure with an open roof. The roof is a grid construction of beams and rafters. You can decide how shaded you would like your area to be by the number of rafters and beams on the roof. The word pergola is often used interchangeably with patio cover, arbor, or trellis. A pergola can be used to cover a walkway, patio, or to filter shade over an outdoor kitchen. The open roof allows the sun to light your area still while providing shade with the use of a cover, sheet, or even live plants!


A gazebo is a free-standing structure that is octagonal. A gazebo typically has a closed roof with open sides to allow shade protection and still allows you to see all the views. A gazebo is a perfect structure for your spa or hot tub.

Patio Cover

A patio cover is a structure that is either free-standing or attached to a building like a home or pool house on one or more sides. The patio cover will have a closed roof, protecting elements underneath from the weather. A patio cover is perfect for over your outdoor kitchen to offer maximum protection from the elements. Check out our outdoor living portfolio here.

Sun Sails

Sun sails can be attached to your home, large trees, or posts in your backyard. Sun sails offer protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and provide a shaded area for your family to hangout. Sun sails can be temporary and may be taken down at any time. They are currently the most significant trend in sun protection. They are great for over your children’s play equipment or even over your pool!


An arbor is often confused with a pergola or a trellis. An arbor is a structure that is attached to your home or pool house on one or more sides. The structure has an open roof with rafters to allow the sun to trickle through. The sides of the arbor that are not attached to your home or pool house are typically columns.

Questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on what type of outdoor structure to build are: What will the outdoor space be used for? What is your budget? What style will look best for your home? If you’re still not sure what type of structure is best for you, give one of our landscaping professionals a call! If you are ready to build, we would love to meet with you to discuss all your outdoor living needs! If you would like to find out more about the benefits of having an outdoor structure make sure to check out our last blog here!

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