Outdoor Kitchen Necessities

Whether you want a charming and intimate outdoor kitchen or a grand and posh food court, every outdoor kitchen should include a few crucial components. You’ll need counters to prepare the food, a heat source to cook, a dining space, a way to clean, and storage. Find out more below!


Although you may prepare most foods indoors, an outdoor kitchen still needs a countertop. Your level of use will determine the materials and space required, however, natural stone countertops have been the standard due to their durability and weather resistance. Other surfaces may include tile, brick, or concrete. Butcher block countertops are not advisable, they are not as durable, require more maintenance, and may retain bacteria.


The whole purpose of an outdoor kitchen is to have a place to cook. The base of all outdoor kitchens is a propane or charcoal grill. Consider this as your foundation, though not your only option. Outdoor kitchens may be equipped with pizza ovens, tripod style burners,smokers for slow smoking of your meats. This is Texas. Build your kitchen with the kind of cooking you want to do in mind.


An outdoor kitchen deserves an outdoor dining room. Following the style of your outdoor kitchen, there are many choices beyond the simple picnic table. Your outdoor kitchen will almost certainly be the social hub, so have plenty of seating. You can choose to build the tables and seats into your hardscape or add furniture when you are done.


Keep the mess outside by having an outdoor sink. This provides you with all the same advantages in your outdoor kitchen as your indoor kitchen. Prepare your vegetables, rinse your cutting boards, and wash your outdoor dinnerware without bringing a single crumb in the house!


Keep the outdoor kitchenware clean and separate by installing outdoor cabinets. Available in a variety of materials, outdoor cabinetry should be weather-tight, easy to clean, and UV resistant. Stainless steel is a popular outdoor kitchen cabinet choice because it is durable, easy to clean, and has a chef look. Many companies offer cabinets made of UV resistant polymers that are designed to withstand our Texas summer sun.

What separates an outdoor kitchen from a grill on the patio are the details. Having a place to prepare, cook, serve, clean, and store is not just for your indoor kitchen. What limits your outdoor patio are your imagination, and budget. Design your outdoor kitchen for your style. If you enjoy a glass of beer with your burgers, consider installing a kegerator, or if you prefer clam bakes or crab feasts, consider what appliances will give your outdoor cooking area the personality you desire!

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