Commercial Landscaping

Having excellent first impressions on a consistent is key to expanding your clientele. Businesses spend a small fortune to find new clients, and a great first impression is crucial to retaining them. First impressions include customer service, competency, and visual appeal of your business. Landscaping is part of your visual appeal and can provide more than just a great first impression.

  • Landscaping can help maintain the flow of traffic on your business’s property
  • Landscaping helps to direct traffic and minimize damage to your property from customers
  • Landscaping shows your clients that you are environmentally conscious

Sidewalk landscaping is just as crucial to your business as the landscaping around your business. Landscaping provides benefits to your business, the environment, and your patrons.

  • First impressions are essential. Part of that first impression is the sidewalk that leads up to your business.
  • Curb appeal starts at the sidewalk. Your business’s curb appeal directly affects your property value.
  • Landscaping can provide comfort from the sun. Adding trees to your sidewalk offers shade to your patrons. Customers are more likely to frequent your establishment if they feel comfortable during the entire duration of their visit.

Today let’s talk about what your business’s landscaping should or shouldn’t include.

  • Avoid invasive plants. Keeping your plants contained in the landscaping area is crucial to keeping your maintenance costs down.
  • Native plants are the best. ALWAYS. Native plants cut down on your maintenance costs, water costs, and they provide a natural habitat for local butterflies!
  • Irrigation, irrigation, irrigation. Water is a necessity to keep your plants healthy and happy. Even if you install drought-tolerant, native plants, they will still require water some times. Ensure your irrigation is only spraying where it is needed. You don’t want your irrigation soaking your patrons and sidewalk.
  • Avoid plants with thorns and spikes. The last thing you want to happen is for a client to get hurt while visiting your establishment.

Do you need help with your design or installation? We are here to better your business and would love to partner with you on all your landscaping needs. Give us a call at 214.350.2525

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