Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces provide us with more ways to enjoy our home, entertain company, and improve curb appeal. Enhancing the aesthetics of your yard does more than just give you a charming outdoor nook or help you throw outstanding pool parties, it also improves the value of our home and makes it easier to sell. First impressions are lasting impressions, is almost a proverb. To increase the value of your home, and make it a lucrative sale, nothing beats a beautiful landscape. 

Landscaping Trends

Some landscaping trends are timeless, and others have fortunately faded into oblivion. Adding hardscapes that endure the test of time will always improve the value of your home. The return on hardscaping investments is generally very high. Even adding a wood deck recoups more than 80% of its cost and will give your home a great deal more magnetism. Hardscapes such as outdoor rooms and fountains are typically high yield investments. Thinking about what the future potential buyers of your home will be looking for is a reliable way to improve the bargaining power you will have regarding the value of your home.

Planning Stage

It’s easy to spot the homes that look fantastic. They look appealing because a plan was in place at the beginning. Planning, according to a design, is critical in building a financially beneficial landscape. Often homeowners begin projects without defining a goal for the whole yard. It is essential to know what you want the yard to look like to avoid an unprofessional look. While having an eclectic look can be appealing, a mismatched hodge-podge yard of fountains and gardens will do nothing for your home’s value. A well-planned hardscape can be economical, easily maintained, and will add worth to your home for years to come. Please check out our other blog about planning a backyard here.

Professional Support

Nothing beats having an experienced landscape designer assess your yard and help you build a plan. A professional designer can give you a detailed design within your budget, and easily maintained to improve the value of your home. These degreed professionals have years of experience in hardscape engineering. They understand the needs for grading as well as the horticultural expertise to give your yard a unique and pleasant flow. A licensed and insured design company here in the Metroplex will also be able to run all the necessary paperwork with your local city to ensure that proper permits are obtained. This will save you, as the homeowner, a great deal of time and aggravation. These home improvement permits are part of a permanent record and can be used to verify the additional value of your home.

Adding hardscapes will invariably add value to your home. Professionally built additions will not only improve curb appeal but also give a potential buyer a reference to remember your home. That first impression of “the house with the cute gazebo” or “that place with the bubbly fountain” will make your house memorable, and ultimately give you more bargaining power regarding the value of your home.

If you are looking for a backyard overhaul, we are here for you. We are still open during these times and are here to serve you. Contact us to find our how to get your process started. Follow us on social media to see our latest projects and learn tips and tricks about how to better care for your landscaping.

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