Concrete Patios

“Hi, I’m looking to have a backyard landscape plan created and installed at my home. I’m looking for a patio, walkway, and some plants. I want my landscaping to be as low maintenance as possible, so I can maximize my time spent enjoying my backyard.” This is a request we hear frequently. Many people want to have a gorgeous backyard without all the back-breaking work.

Patios come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Typical materials to build patios are pavers, concrete, and natural stone. A concrete patio can be built around a pool, entertainment area, or outdoor kitchen. Concrete patios provide an excellent base for outdoor living spaces. They are often attached to the house and blend well.

Benefits of Using Concrete:

  • Concrete offers more decorative options than before. Through the years, concrete has made leaps and bounds in the aesthetic category. Concrete can now be stained, stamped, and colored to match the landscaping and home’s exterior. Stamping or engraving the material can often mimic other paving materials like flagstone, tile, and brick.
  • Concrete patios are low maintenance and are easy to clean. Unlike pavers, concrete doesn’t need joints. Joints need yearly maintenance, like weeding and filling with sand.
  • While concrete still offers the increased home value of any outdoor living area, it is typically less costly than other hardscaping alternatives to install.
  • Concrete is exceptionally durable. It can withstand even the worst that Texas weather can throw at it.
  • Wood decking requires yearly sanding, staining, and sealing. Concrete cleans easily with a hose or power washer.
  • Your concrete patio will never be vulnerable to termites, rotting, or splintering.

The lower price tag, combined with a wide variety of patterns and colors, make concrete an economical choice for any budget. Consider using concrete as your base if you have been considering adding an outdoor living area or patio to your home. Don’t overlook the versatility and money savings that come with stamped concrete. You’ll love your new patio, and it will stick around for many years to come as long as you care for it properly. Call 214.350.2525 or email for your free estimate!

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