Benefits of Artificial Turf

There is often a stigma that surrounds artificial turf grass for use in your landscaping in place of real turf grass. We are here to tell you that artificial turf grass is often more environmentally friendly, especially in areas that frequently experience drought-like conditions.

So how great is artificial turf?

No Maintenance – For fear of overstating the obvious we won’t touch much on this but, we can’t breeze over the topic without at least touching on it.  Artificial turf requires little to no maintenance.  You will be able to kick-it by the pool in all your spare time that used to be spent mowing.

No Brown Spots or Ruts – Is there an area of your lawn has frequent foot traffic? With real turf grass those spot often become flat and brown.  Artificial turf is tough and resilient to constant foot traffic.  If one day it starts to flatten filler may just need to be added.

No puddling – Prior to turf grass being laid down the ground is graded, rolled, and flattened removing all ruts and grooves. This makes it so your yard is completely puddle free and no mud will be tracked through your home.

Shaded Yard – No problem! Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda grass often die in areas that don’t get enough sun. This will not be a problem with your turf grass since it stays green no matter what the weather!

Safe for Pets & Kids – Since there is no need for harsh chemicals such as fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides it is safe for kids and pets or all sizes! There is also little risk of allergic reaction in kids or pets with artificial turf! If Fido is an overzealous digger artificial is a great fit for both you and your pet.  Dogs often let artificial turf alone and don’t try to dig unlike in a regular lawn. This makes artificial turf an excellent option for underneath playgrounds in commercial spaces!

Chemical Free – Unlike real grass, artificial lawns stay looking green and lush without any help from chemicals. The material does not provide food or living area for bugs, pest problems are virtually eliminated. The lack of pesticides and fertilizers are good for the environment as well. Plus, it’s saving you money and time!

What Grass Stains – No more having to wear special play clothes outside. 

Easy Clean Up – Do you have a pet that goes to the bathroom outside? Clean up is made even easier with artificial turf.   Either scoop it up for simply use a hose and wash away pet waste.

Drought Friendly – Normally a real lawn would require regular watering in the early morning and late evening, but artificial turf RARELY needs water. The only time that artificial lawn needs water is when it is time to clean it. Because of this, you will see the advantage of a reduction in your water bill.

Cost Effective – We have gone over many benefits but let’s talk cost.  While the initial cost may be a bit higher than sod the long term cost is less.  No more fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, gas, or equipment maintenance costs!

Want to Learn More About Artificial Turf?

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of artificial turf, the latest news, and announcements from us, consider checking out our blog. If you’re leaning toward artificial turf, you can contact us for a free quote or browse our products. Artificial turf is excellent for both residential and commercial properties!

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