Constructing A Fire Feature

With colder weather rolling through North Texas, it is the perfect time to think about fire features. A fire feature is an ideal end to a hard day of work. Whether you like to roast marshmallows or sit around with an Octoberfest beer, a fire pit is perfect.

How do we build fire features? What considerations are there?

Firepits, fire tables, and fireplaces need to be built with materials that will withstand high temperatures. The internal wall should be constructed of fireproof brick or a metal fire ring since it will handle most of the heat. The outside of the fire feature can be built from concrete, stone, brick, pavers, stone veneer, ceramic tile, or stucco.

Choose a material that ties in with your patio and the style of your home. Stone is the most luxurious option giving a natural look and feel but can be costly.

A cap is a flat finished rim that fits on the top of your firepit or fire table. The cap provides a functional spot to set items such as plates, cups, and roasting sticks. Caps are made of prefabricated concrete, flagstone, or brick.

What kind of fuel will your fire feature use? Will it be wood burning? Gas? Propane? Or Ethanol? If you plan to use natural gas, propane, or ethanol before you start building your fire feature, you need to make sure the proper gas lines lead to your site. Then you will need a gas ring or a gas line to distribute the fuel and create a flame. These items come in a variety of sizes to fit your fire feature. Use multiple lines or rings to stack flames or create the desired effect.

If you are installing a type of gas fire feature, you will need to fill your fire feature with fill material. This material will cover your fire rings or lines. Fillers are mainly decorative but can also be used to distribute heat evenly. Popular materials are recycled glass, lava rock, and river rock. Recycled glass is the most popular as it comes in a variety of colors to fit your style.

If you are considering installing a fire feature this fall, give Garden Design a call for a free estimate. If you want to learn more about different types of fire features, check out this blog.

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