Fire Feature Considerations

Fire Features give off that inviting, warm cozy feel to your backyard that we all love. Fires are perfect whether you plan to sit and sip a beer after a long day of work or gather with friends to roast marshmallows for classic smores. Fires create a place for entertaining, provide warmth on a chilly evening, and add value to the home!

When it comes to deciding on a fire feature, there are many items to think about before installation.
What kind of fire feature are you adding? Are you looking for a fireplace, fire pit, chiminea, fire bowl, fire column, or a fire table?

Are you looking to add heat to your backyard or just ambiance?
Certain fuel types don’t put off much heat, while others provide both warmth and atmosphere. What options are there for fuel type anyway? Well, there is wood, natural gas, gel logs, and propane.

What do you need to consider other than the use of the fire feature?
Style. The style of your home and your outdoor living space should flow together seamlessly. Is your home more traditional, rustic, modern, contemporary, southwestern, or victorian? No matter what your home’s style is, your backyard should complement your house to improve your property’s value.

The material options available depend on the type of fire feature you are looking to install and your home style. Standard materials are pavers, pre-cast, natural stone, and metal.

The next two considerations go hand in hand: size and location. One will probably determine the other. You don’t want your fire feature to be so large that you don’t have room for anything else, like an outdoor kitchen or dining. You also don’t want it to be so small that your family or friends don’t have enough room to gather around it. The location should be somewhere that makes sense and provides enough space for seating.

So are you ready to get started designing your ideal fire feature? Did you know we specialize in fire features? They are one of our favorite features to add to an outdoor living space! Contact us now for more information and a free estimate!

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