Fuel For Fire Features

Before choosing what type of fire feature to install, first decide on the type of fuel, you will be using. Not every kind of fire feature is available in every fuel source. We often think of the crackle and pops of a wood-burning fire feature, but other fuel sources have distinct advantages. 

Think about your property. Is there already propane or natural gas run on your property? If not, having propane or natural gas installed on your property can be costly and require permits, thus extending the installation. 

Do you live in the city where access to firewood is less likely? Do you have an area to store excess firewood for use? Do you have the time available to clean, service, and maintain your fire feature? Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of each fuel source.

Choose a fuel source

There are a few choices, chiefly wood, propane, gel fuel, and natural gas.

  • Wood
    • Pros
      • Real smoke for that campfire smell
      • Easy to build
      • Wood is easy to find
    • Cons
      • High maintenance in cleaning
      • Requires a dry place to keep fuel
      • Purchasing pre-chopped wood, or the labor of chopping it yourself
  • Propane / Natural Gas
    • Pros
      • Lights quickly
      • Clean, no ash
      • Ease of use
    • Cons
    • Propane/Natural Gas fire rings may clog
    • Must be kept covered
  • Gel Fuel
    • Pros
      • Does not require venting
      • Low maintenance
      • About 3 hours of use per can
    • Cons
      • Low heat output
      • Small flame

Are you looking for a more traditional ambiance provided by wood or the sleek modern convenience of gas? So are you ready to start building your fire-feature? Fire-features create a natural gathering space for evening backyard entertaining. Your fire feature will provide a stunning focal point from anywhere in your yard, no matter what fuel source you choose. There is no one-size-fits-all for every home. Let our associates here at Garden Design Inc. help you design and install the perfect fire feature for your home. 

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