Outdoor Living Necessities For 2021

In the last year, you have come to either love or hate your home. We have spent more time at home this year than ever before. We stocked up on the basics and planned on hunkering down for a week or two until this thing “passed.” As the weeks turned into months, we grew to either love our home’s features or we created lists of things that needed to be changed. We were exposed to our families and housemates for periods of time that we were not used to. Our pets have been living their best lives with us at home, and we are trying to survive and navigate the unknown. That brings us to the end of 2020. How will 2021 look? 

While none of us know what the future holds, we can tell you that we want everyone to love their home. We all hope to regain some type of normalcy but incase 2021 looks similar to 2020, let’s talk about outdoor necessities!

  1. Raised Garden Beds: Raised garden beds are incredible, whether you have a large or small space. You can control your soil, reduce soil compaction, and care for your plants easier. Raise herbs or vegetables in your backyard or on your patio. Think, fewer trips to the grocery stores for fresh food.
  2. Bring Your Inside, Outside: Trends typically come and go, but outdoor living is here to stay. Creating outdoor living spaces allow your home to flow from inside to out easily. Create an extended area for entertaining, cooking, working, and dining.
  3. Shade: Add a pergola with a hammock or swing bed to create a resort-style backyard for your very own staycation. Be sure to add a privacy screen to block out the neighbor’s view. 
  4. Front Porch Sitting: Enhance your curb appeal and get some socialization. Remove the hedges and put up some outdoor seating. Create an area where you can communicate with neighbors but still “socially distance” yourself to feel connected to your neighborhood.
  5. Prioritizing Outdoor Lighting: Since we are spending more time outside, extend the entertaining hours after dark. Adding hurricane lights, path lights, uplighting, and downlighting around your property drastically changes the entertaining hours of your backyard. Adding landscape lighting to your front and backyards also increases security around your home. 

Let’s all hope for a better 2021 but prepare in case it looks a little like 2020. No matter what next year has in store for us, let’s learn to love what we have, whether that means tackling a mile-long to-do list or calling a professional.  

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